Turn ON Your TV

Written by on 25.06.2014 | Population

It is over 14 years since we’ve had TV in our home except for an old set to watch movies. Yet I recognize that TV can do wonders in changing people’s attitudes and behavior. Perhaps you remember reading about the effect of TV in Brazil. The family size is less than half of what it [...]

Harness Methane—5-2014

Written by on 07.06.2014 | Population

For years I had heard about a mysterious source of power here in La Plata County. This month I had the chance to see it for myself. Perhaps you have heard the term “San Juan Basin”. It is not a river basin, but rather a geological formation that is rich in oil and gas. Durango [...]

Thank Heaven for Pope Francis—4-2014

Written by on 07.06.2014 | Population

Roman Catholic nuns and priests were a substantial proportion of the populace in past centuries. Their celibacy acted to slow population growth. Starting in the 12th century priests and nuns had to take vows of chastity in order to be considered pure. For some, however, abstinence is a goal that is difficult to achieve. Today [...]

Support Fort Lewis College—3-14

Written by on 27.03.2014 | Population

“Every person in the world should have a chance to achieve something, they should not be stripped of this opportunity simply due to the location of their birth.” A Fort Lewis College student from Arctic Alaska One of the reasons that we chose Durango as our home 37 years ago was that it is a [...]

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