Distrust Amendment 67

Written by on 12.10.2014 | Population

This essay needs some explanation to people who live outside of Colorado. Colorado has been chosen to be a lightning rod for the antiabortion people. This year is the third time they have proposed an amendment to the state’s constitution that would give “personhood” to a fetus–even to a fertilized ovum! Although this article may […]

Mourn for Martha

Written by on 29.09.2014 | biodiversity, conservation biology

“You don’t know what you’ve got till its gone” Joni Mitchell Although the Ebola epidemic is terrible, there is an invisible epidemic that might end up being even worse for humanity. We depend on the great web of life, but paradoxically we are constantly weakening that web. We receive services from many different biological species […]

Integrate Population, Health and Environment

Written by on 07.09.2014 | Environment, Medical, Population

            If we had unlimited resources we wouldn’t need to be concerned about human population. We live in a wonderful, rich world, but we need to share with such a large number of people and other living beings. Some of the richest places on Earth have been called “biodiversity hotspots”. These 35 special areas are […]

Watch East Los High

Written by on 28.07.2014 | Family Planning, Population

There was an omission in my last article about the effectiveness of the media on teen pregnancy rates. Bill Ryerson, one of the world’s most effective population activists, kindly reminded me of my mistake in leaving out an important example of the use of modern media. “East Los High” is an online TV series aimed […]

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