Support Fort Lewis College—3-14

Written by on 27.03.2014 | Population

“Every person in the world should have a chance to achieve something, they should not be stripped of this opportunity simply due to the location of their birth.” A Fort Lewis College student from Arctic Alaska One of the reasons that we chose Durango as our home 37 years ago was that it is a [...]

Reject these Old Memes—2-2014

Recently a friend introduced me to the word “meme”. Now I run across this concept frequently. The word “meme” is analogous to “gene”, but it is information in our culture rather than in our DNA. A meme is a building block upon which our way of life is built. One definition is: “an idea, belief [...]

Age Gracefully—1-2014

Written by on 21.02.2014 | Population, Public Health

Last July, when I turned 70, I wrote about my own aging. What happens as a large group of people age? Let’s look at the start of the process of demographic change, when birthrates fall. This causes a decrease in the number of young people so there are fewer dependents. With more people in the [...]

Honor Your Father–12-2013

Written by on 25.12.2013 | Population

Honor Your Father We were listening to NPR when the news came on. “The dentist with the greatest name recognition worldwide died yesterday. Dr. Louis Grossman developed modern endodontia (root canal therapy), a technique to save teeth”. My father, Louis Grossman, was born 112 years ago this month in the little farm village of Teplik, [...]

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